Today has been my last official day of having lessons at the university. There is one more week, but it is the culture here. All teaching is wound up a week before. May be to give us time to read for exams? That is very generous of the lecturers

However, is not that pointing to a deeper problem?  Is it because in our country’s education system the end is what matters? One of my maths teachers e as children in school through all levels, it is the finals that mattered. in P.7,the maths teachers nicknamed cost price would always say November is coming/ it is the Primary Leaving Examinations results that mattered. now even so at university, it is what you are able to reproduce in three hours of the 14 weeks you have been in school.

there have been adoptions of the continuous assessment scheme in many schools but even then, it is the finals that count. Those that get sick or run late and end up missing the exam are usually not promoted. isn’t it indirectly saying you have failed?

I reflected upon this while in a guest lecture by Daniel Kalinaki. He was asked about an article in which he said  his focus in training his kids is that they have proper elementary school other than concentrating on putting them i the best university. he explained how he does not believe that university is the determinant of ones future (and I am really paraphrasing).

This debate made me think of my time in the future as a parent.

Will I let my five year old boy roam all streets and wait till he has started puberty to impose curfew?

Will I take them to a school where time management is not enforced very sure they will learn that with deadlines on the job when they finally start working?

Isn’t it time to transform our culture; to build better foundations rather than paint nearly crumbling walls?