The afternoon is hot. I make my way to the toilet. Like any public service,I take precaution. I lay the seat down followed by the cover . I have come to sit

I work at a research centre. As expected, it is full of research fellows, analysts,who are awesome by the way. More to that,I have no office space. Few interns do. I sit in the library to execute my tasks.

There are times you need to be alone…to dance the wrongest moves, sing off key or model around. I hear of offices with lounges. Lucky employees. Every place should have one;a kind of free zone. The times I have received good news while here I have had to go to the toilets to jump off the excitement. Like when Carol texted me she was getting married.

There is a period when one need to have a moment with God.It is easy while at home. Jesus said thus. “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen…”. Ours is an open work station. At a one meeting I have with my church members, we share. During our fasting period, she said she goes to the toilet while at work to pray. I raised my eyebrows highest.

Two weeks later. I get this huge urge to say something to God. Normally I would type it in the drafts of my email or scribble it down in my  notebook. But then I remembered what had been shared at the meeting. I trotted to the lavatories

In the dizziness that hangs around office in the afternoon hours , a break to the toilet will do good. I thought lavender was my best scent till I used the floral lemon air freshener  to make my stay longer. I stayed a while 😉