I totally do not support it. The habit became awash to me when George Mutabazi whipped locals for not engaging in cleaning their own community. He still is their chairman.  Next came a news report of yet another chairman beating up men who encroached on a forest. They were not natives of that home area and he made them lie down and lashed one by one.This is all in a country called  Uganda that boasts of bodabodas (motorcycle taxis) as a means of transport. These chaps are so many that they rarely respect traffic rules and Police seems to have given up. However those that have witnessed loss of life in related accidents have not really given up.

On a very promising Wednesday morning, this particular Boda guy drives in the opposite direction on a one way as is their trend.  Simultaneously, a pedestrian bothers to look at only the side where  vehicles are supposed to be coming from. Yes, the boda slammed into him as he turned in shock. It was a light collision and the boda guy immediately tried to assess the danger his wrong driving had caused. In that exercise , the pedestrian caught him by the jacket and right before my eyes gave him two slaps…No No No! .


My presumption is that a man, any man, has a family that loves him. how is it seeing your husband being whipped for a case he could apologize for? How would we like it to witness our fiancées being slapped for mistakes all of us are liable to?  I believe in discipline and all that but beating, slapping a man is not manly.It is a different case if they are fighting . There is no need to state justifications and this should just stop…like how now most of our boys know that it is not okay to beat a girl and that does not make her any weaker same as beating her will not make him any manlier.